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Korean, Japanese, Chinese, English Family: Minho is the tallest member of SHINee. Minho looks more quiet and gentle among other SHINee members. In intereviews he normally doesn’t say anything. Minho is a member of that most can not speak in public, he would quickly run out of words, not like Key or Onew. So if he want speeches or press conferences typically he had prepared the previous words. Besides the weaknesses that can not speak much in public, he has a handsome face and he has its own appeal, Minho certainly look more prominent than the other members. The longer the Minho increasing confidence, his personality has appeared and he more confident in singing. Among the members of SHINee, Minho is the most difficult for wake up opposite with Jonghyun who was always wake up at the beginning.

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Lee Han-wi (born June 17, ) is a South Korean actor. Since his acting debut in , Lee has become a prolific supporting actor on Korean film and television. He is .

Geplaatst in kdrama , high school kdrama , Kdrama , Kdrama review Getagd beautiful , contempary , drama , fx , high school , Kdrama , korea , korean , korean drama , love triangle , Minho , romance , shinee , sulli , the , to , to the beautiful you , you Een reactie plaatsen A girl pretending to be a boy goes to an all boys school to be close to her celebrity crush.. There is no way this could go according to plan… Goo Jae-Hee is a actually a girl, but she pretends to be a boy to enter a all-boys high school and get close to athlete Tae Joon.

So Goo Jae-Hee does everything in her power to get him to jump again! This drama is cheesy and funny in all the right ways. Of course it is centered around a love triangle, but it also has a great message in it. I loved all the characters in this drama and no one started to annoy me which is pretty damn rare. The love triangle was done really well and it made me not able to chose who to ship!

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Fantasy, supranatural, comedy, romantice Chap sebelumnya: Mmm, aku tak bisa kembali jika aku belum mendapatkan sesuatu yang kubutuhkan. Itu adalah energi yang kudapat setiap aku menyentuhmu

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Estoy obsesionada con Ranma. Yo me suelo obsesionar con todo lo que me gusta, me da con algo y no lo suelto, busco todo el material que pueda conseguir, hasta que lo dejo ir y paso a otra cosa, pero con Ranma siempre vuelvo a caer. Ranma y Akane se pelean tanto como se quieren. Son el uno para el otro. Empiezo por el bonus track. La historia es bien rara y extravagante.

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Shinee Lee Taemin was born on July 18, Growing up, Taemin dreamed of being a pilot until he discovered dancing when he was in 6th grade. Taemin viewed him in a different light and respected him in many aspects of his performance. It was because of Michael Jackson that Taemin decided to become a dancer. In , Taemin was chosen to debut as a member of Shinee at the age of On August 18, , Taemin made his solo debut and released his first mini album Ace , which contains six songs.

Jun 10,  · Choi Minho Minho (born Choi Minho Hangul: 최민호, Hanja: 崔珉豪; lahir 9 Desember ; umur 20 tahun) adalah aktor dan penyanyi asal Korea lahir di Incheon. Anak terakhir dari 2 bersaudara. Kakaknya bernama Choi Minseok.

Langsung baca aja deh,, cekedaut!!! Dia menghampiriku dan duduk disebelahku dengan malu-malu. Bukannya berbicara, dia malah menggosok-gosok wajahnya dengan tangan dan menepuk-nepuk pipinya. Aku tersentak mendengar ucapannya. Taemin suka seorang Sulli??. Aku tau kalo aku gak pantes buat kamu dan aku yakin kamu pasti nolak aku.

Aku udah ngumpulin segenap keberanianku untuk mengatakan ini. Aduh,, sesek napas deh aku.

SHINee’s Choi Minho reveals his ideal woman; explains how ‘Hwarang’ changed his personality

Myungsoo dan suzy sekrang berada di majlis perkahwinan tman rapatnya dan lebih tepat spupunya Myungsoo Park Jiyeon. Saat suzy mengambil bunga itu tiba-tiba anak kecil yang ada di majlis itu mengambil bungan itu dulua. Suzy kelihatan bingung dengan jawapan anak kecil itu. Dia pun berjumpa myungsoo dan mengajaknya pulang. Suzy-ah sebenarnya lelaki yang kamu mw itu gimana?

Veron May 12 am Kim Go Eun is the God-est while acting or not, she is the godest while she is “A Character” or role herself. If not her, nobody would take me to this Korean Drama fever. If not her, nobody would take me to this Korean Drama fever.

That answer a yes or a no but i do believe there is someone that he likes and that is sulli fx. His actions speaks louder than words towards sulli. It’s not just because of there drama but even before that,minho already showed his special treatment and his aura when his with sulli. The more after TTBY,he is more protective than before so i guess if not they are now there still in the stage of courtship or mutual understand. Anyway they are still young. I’ve been watching korean couple but this two really hooked me up.

I know they are into something special. Everybody feels the same way i guess especially there individual groups. This two is the best for me so pure and innocent especially sulli. They make me fall in love over again. Time will come they will reveal their true status as time let them be.

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That answer a yes oder a no but i do believe there is someone that he likes and that is sulli fx. His actions speaks louder than words towards sulli. It’s not just because of there drama but even before that,minho already showed his special treatment and his aura when his with sulli.

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Posted in Fanfictions by jiyeonchoi Minho terus-menerus semakin ekspresif dan tidak menyerah meyakinkan Ji Yeon akan kesungguhan perasaannya. Seorang perempuan paparazi ternyata selalu mengabadikan setiap moment Minho dan Ji Yeon tanpa mereka ketahui. Ia memandang foto-foto kebersamaan Minho dan Ji Yeon yang tergeletak banyak di meja bundar yang terbuat dari kaca miliknya. Ia tersenyum sangat puas melihat foto-foto itu. Senyumnya semakin melebar ketika matanya menangkap foto ciuman Minho dan Ji Yeon.

Dengan foto-foto itu ia bisa menjadi orang kaya mendadak. Dimana dia akan bertemu dengan salah satu pimpinan redaksi majalah terkemuka di Korea.

Minho calling Sulli // Amazing f(x) E01 130528

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